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John W. Fisher: What a Life!


Community Foundation of Randolph County, Indiana, through IBJ Book Publishing, 2017. 280 pages. 

Copies available for purchase from:

Community Foundation of Randolph County

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Empowering a Legacy: The Shafer Biography 


Muncie Power Products through IBJ Book Publishing, 2016. 255 pages

Kindle Edition available for purchase via Amazon


The Goodriches: An American Family

Publisher:  Liberty Fund, Inc., 2001. 490 pages

Hard copy is available for purchase at at Liberty Fund, Inc. Electronic copies may be downloaded free of charge at The On-Line Library of Liberty.


Chapter in The Governors of Indiana

Publisher:  Indiana Historical Society, 2006

Biographical chapter about James P. Goodrich. 

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Chapter in 19 Stars of Indiana

Publisher:  Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana, 2009. 


Encyclopedia Article on Christel DeHaan

Publisher:  German Historic Institute, Washington, D.C. 

Year:  2011

In 2011, Dane Starbuck researched and shared Christel DeHaans’ remarkable life for the German Historic Institute as part of its on-line series about entrepreneurial German immigrants to the United States.

Christel DeHaan was the co-founder and former president of Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), and also became an international philanthropist.


Here she relishes a hug from one of her appreciated students at the school she founded in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Read the full article at Immigrant Entrepreneurship 


The Bicentennial History of Randolph County, Indiana

The Bicentennial Plaza on the south side of the Randolph County Courthouse. Ten plaques surrounding the plaza , with text researched and written by Dane Starbuck, tell the remarkable story of this small rural community in East Central Indiana.

Publisher:  Randolph County Bicentennial Committee

Location:  Randolph County Court House Square, Winchester, Indiana


Date of Publication: Autumn 2019

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Article: John R. Commons

“John R. Commons, Class of 1881”

Winchester High School’s “Golden Graduates” - From Classmate To Class Act!

Published in The News Gazette, Winchester, Indiana, March 8, 2022)

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